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E2 Customer Testimonials

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Thanks to the IRIS Diffuser, the atmosphere in the house has become healthy again and I feel a feeling of well-being. The smell is very pleasant and the colours help me to relax.
The capsules are very easy to use and to integrate into the diffuser.
Its design side fits very well into my interior and also allows you to use it as a decorative object.
I find the IRIS diffuser very innovative compared to other diffusers thanks to its antivirus and antibacterial function.

Club Expert AuFeminin.com

Thanks for the discovery of this product, very beautiful design, easy to use, the choice of color gives a Zen atmosphere, the smell is very pleasant and we feel from the first use a feeling of well-being and relaxation, no need to plug it in too long, the price of the capsules is a little high but it remains a very good product, I recommend it!

Club Expert AuFeminin.com

When I received the diffuser, I immediately started it up. Its shape and colour immediately seduced me. Connecting it to install the capsule is child's play and the set of bright colors is very pleasant. At first, the smell is a little strong for my taste but it is regulated if you opt for the "alternate" position which turns on the diffuser for one hour, then pauses it for one hour, etc... It would be nice to have the possibility to buy "virgin" capsules in order to soak them with essential oils of our choice, without too much mixing. In conclusion, the Iris diffuser is a very pleasant object, combining the useful with the pleasant.

Club Expert AuFeminin.com

Easy to use. I have used it all over the house. I have plugged it in the morning in the house and in the evening in the bedroom and what is good about this diffuser is that once turned off the scent stays very long. For the benefits it is true that it is pleasant, is soothing. The fact of having a healthy house is very important for me and I feel good there!

Club Expert AuFeminin.com

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Nature is the Essential Element

Discover E2 Essential Elements range of 100% natural products; Sanitizing Air Sprays, Body Cream Gels, Insects Repellents and our IRIS Diffuser and its patented Capsule-Refill System.

In accordance with our ethics and since always, we strive to formulate the best natural products at the fairest price.

Learn more by discovering Who We Are, What Our Approach is or by reading our FAQ and if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to Contact E2 Essential Elements.

100% Organic and Natural Ingredients.

Carefully selected EOBBD* Essential Oils.

Certisys Ecogarantie certified and labelled products.

Formulas without parabens, aluminium salts, propellant gas, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils.

Formulas designed in laboratory under the control of cosmetologist experts

No ingredients from or derived from animal exploitation.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging: lightweight, strong, durable and virtually infinitely recyclable to minimize our impact on the environment.

*EOBBD: Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined (Glossary )

E2 Essential Elements products are certified by Certisys Ecogarantie
Certisys Ecogarantie Label

E2 Essential Elements products are tested and certified by the European Certisys Ecogarantie label.

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